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The gallery’s mission is to create a space for artists, collectors, collaborators and the general art community to interact in an accessible and welcoming environment. Our focus is contemporary art, created by talented emerging and mid-career artists.

Jeffrey Leder saw an opportunity to bring together all of his varied relationships under this inclusive philosophy.

Leder has established a supportive space for artists and collectors. As director, he is keen on exploring a full range of exemplary art. The gallery presents painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. “I’m creating a space where people will be comfortable and can relate to compelling artwork; a space that fosters an environment of casual discourse and discovery.”

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The nine artists in PAINT HEADS share a fascination with the properties of paint. They approach each painting with an open mind and a willingness to engage in a dialogue with the work as it evolves, confronting how best to exploit the medium on a two   dimensional surface. History of art and its movements inform their visual vocabulary; they are not battling, but building on the lessons of the past, and clearly having fun doing it. Long commitment to the investigation of paint is amply rewarded in the exhibited works.

Artists in Paint Heads include: Andrea Belag, Katherine Bradford, Martha Diamond, Ian Hughes, Melissa Meyers, John L. Moore, Bobbie Oliver, Gary Stephan, Susan Wanklyn.

WP_20160408_16_31_53_Pro WP_20160408_16_32_15_Pro  WP_20160408_16_31_29_Pro

-,2016   Wanklyn_untitled+(2blues)_300+copy

Moore_1      Diamond_Six+Lines

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