Hleziphansi Zita was born and raised in NYC. She is the daughter of exiled South African parents. Following in her artistic father’s footsteps, the self- taught jewelry designer and artist is the founder of Nandi Naya. Her handcrafted minimalist sculptural jewelry can be found in a number of boutiques across the U.S including The Drive New York, Las Cruxes & Uncommon Deux. Her work has been adorned by fashion influencer Solange Knowles.

image (5) image (6) (1) image (7)

Lezi’s current collection is inspired by the late Jean Arp’s Bell and Navels sculpture. Nandi Naya’s Moorish AW16 collection reflects on the influence of moors presence during Europe’s renaissance. An expression of the cross cultural resonance that characterizes the African diaspora across Europe.

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