The Cuban-born artists Alain Guerra (b. 1968) and Neraldo de la Paz (b. 1955) have been working collaboratively under the name Guerra de la Paz since 1996.

Guerra de la Paz (GdlP) is a collaboration between Miami-based, Cuban-born artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. Over the past two decades, GdlP has transformed the castoffs from our collective wardrobe into poetic works that deliver powerful political and environmental messages. They explore the expressive qualities of discarded textiles, a journey that has produced an impressive array of dynamic sculptures and tactile installations. GdlP infuse their work with a thoughtful mix of caution and hope. In works such as “Atomic,” they create forms that allude to dire consequences if humanity remains on a path of relentless consumption and disposal. In other works, such as “Indochine, Bonsai Tree” and “Spring, Sprang, Sprung,” they explore the hopeful possibilities of reuse and renewal, breathing new life into reclaimed textiles that morph into sinuous trees before our eyes.

In addition to creating representational forms, GdlP utilizes masses of material to evoke the burdens of excessive consumption and oppression. In “Mort,” they present a solitary figure on a fold-up bed, a prisoner suffering silently beneath the weight of a ponderous pile of dark-colored garments. In “Follow the Leader,” they present a colorful procession of draped figures, meandering blindly through the gallery space like a flock of thrift-store sheep. Does GdlP intend for us to see these masses of discarded clothing as a symbol of misguided choices in our consumer-driven societies? Or are they inviting us to step out of line and resist the temptation to chase the latest fashions and newest products?

This work was created between 2002 and 2016. It takes its starting point from the euphemistic phrase “collateral damage,” our blithe acceptance of the death of noncombatants in military action. The subtly arranged torn pieces of white clothing, reminiscent of medieval relics, represent the purity of the innocent bystanders in the carnage of war.



C.G. Boerner is a highly respected art dealership that has specialized in prints and drawings of the finest quality since it was founded in Leipzig in 1826. Located in Düsseldorf since 1950 and with a branch in New York since 1984, the firm has worked with the major museums and private collectors from its earliest days—when Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was an important client of the founder, Carl Gustav Boerner.

While our reputation is chiefly based on our specialist knowledge of the prints of such old masters as Schongauer, Dürer, and Rembrandt as well as of the graphic work of the German Romantics, we can also offer excellent examples of the prints of many other important European artists, among them Goltzius, Bellange, Piranesi, Goya, Manet, and Degas. Additionally, in recent years we have handled exceptional works by such American printmakers as Whistler, Cassatt, Hopper, and Bellows.

Our New York premises are located in the heart of the Chelsea art district. We have a rotating schedule of exhibitions throughout the year and regularly publish catalogues that we are delighted to send upon request. We are open Monday through Friday(preferably by appointment) and encourage you to stop by to browse or to discuss your collecting interests.

C.G. Boerner is a member of the Art Dealers Association of America which led by their President Adam Sheffer.

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