The group exhibition, “New Arts Prospect from Japan III 2016”, is in its third year presenting emerging and well-known artists from Japan, curated by Sai Morikawa. Ashok Jain Gallery has been holding this exhibition series with the purpose of introducing Japanese artists to New York City art scene.  Artists included: Eri Sasaki, Hiroki Ito, Keiko Tanaka, Machiko Koike Manabu Kogaito, Morihiro Okamoto, Naoko Shisa, Sumie Chiba, Sakiko Toyama,  Tomohiro Noguchi, Tomomi Sato, Tomonori Utsunomiya, Sai Morikawa.

Part 2 group show is showing 17 artists works including special sumi ink calligraphy four screen by Chizuko Korn, from August 10th – 22th. The third show is TAGBOAT IN NEWYORK that is young emerging Japanese artists who are winner of the contest Art festival organized by largest online art gallery in Japan “TAGBOAT”, from August 24th to 28th . The fourth shows are the final of the exhibition series, group show “TOKYO ART SHOW” and solos show by Tamiko Tominaga, August 31 – Sep. 11 th . Live performance by dancers “unciauncia +KND” on August 31 during the opening party 6-8pm.


                                                                                                     unnamed-2    unnamed-3    unnamed-4

Ashok Jain Gallery has its roots in India where my father, Ram Chand, established the first gallery in New Delhi in 1936. He wanted to promote art in India and help struggling artists. In time, many of his artists became well renowned and are currently featured in private collections and museums. When I came to New York in 1980, I brought the same ideology that my father instilled in me. Ashok Jain Gallery is committed to nurturing the creativity, dreams, and imagination of emerging and established artists. In doing so, bringing art to the foreground and creating an environment whereby people can appreciate the beauty of art.

Ashok Jain Gallery wishes to create an enduring dialogue between the artist and the viewer. Artists see the world through special lenses and that point of view is shared with the public through imagery, color, and perspective. Art is an essential part of the human experience. It can bring us places that otherwise we might never see, makes us feel new emotions, makes us reflect, and generates new thoughts. Ashok Jain Gallery is bringing that experience. Ashok Jain Gallery extends its influence beyond New York City. It has brought its artists to Europe, Japan, and Australia as we participated in ACAF, Art Expo, Lineart Belgium, Palexpo, NICAF and LART fairs. Today we are exploring new horizons and are bringing our artists to Asia and exhibiting in Asia Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong, CIGE, Beijing, Shanghai Art Fairs.

In the last 34 years we have promoted our artists in many venues. Some of them have been featured in Art in America, Art News, Asian Art Now, World Art, Art & Asia Pacific and The New York Times. Our artists have had their works exhibited in museums such as Louvre, MOMA, and Guggenheim. Some have had their works used in films such as “The First Wive’s Club” while others have had their work exhibited in luxury hotels such as Hilton, Sheraton, Daiichi, Nikko and ANA. Our proudest moment, however, occur when someone comes to the gallery and looks at a work of art and is moved by the experience. We look forward in the years to come for more of these unique moments.


Photo credit: Artworks by Arata Higuchi,  Ai Takano, performance artists ” unciauncia +KND”. Artists participated in Artists from Japan III part 1″ on July 27th; “Artists from Japan III part 2” on Aug.10th; “TAGBOAT” on Aug. 24; “TOKYO Art show” on Aug.31

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