005 のコピー

Mami Kosemura is a contemporary artist whose early photographs and animations reference traditional subjects taken from classical European motifs and Japanese. The artist explored the confluence between painting and filmmaking.

Her current work pursues a new approach that incorporates various elements of painting, composition and perspective through her painting-like photographs that have a strong sense of physical presence. By broadening her production method, the new works subverts viewers’ expectations of static imagery by introducing physical movement and illustrating the passing of time.


Kosemura says, “My work leads viewers to question several aspects of the piece itself: is it a painting or a photograph, static or changing, fiction or reality? When we start to lose our fixed perspective, we can connect these questions to far more important questions about where or what we are, our self-understanding, and our relationship to the external world.”

Mami Kosemura is based in Tokyo, and is currently an artist in residence at Residency Unlimited in Brooklyn. Her piece, ‘Flowering Plants of the Four Seasons,’ is currently on view at Asia Society’s anniversary exhibition, “In and Out of Context: Asia Society Celebrates the Collections at 60,” and she will open a solo exhibition at Dillon Gallery in November, 2016.

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