The Amsterdam based KochxBos art gallery is the first independent North-European low-brow / pop-surrealist gallery. We nowadays call it Contemporary Underground Art. Since 2005 the gallery has been representing and expanding the fame of artists like Ray Caesar, Ciou, Harma Heikens, Sarah Maple and Sauerkids. But we are also known for introducing the early years of artists like Mark Ryden, Femke Hiemstra, Yoko d’Holbachie, Lori Early and showing underground giants like Peter Pontiac.








In 2005 we opened the doors of the KochxBos Gallery in the Jordaan, a place for contemporary underground art. The artists we exhibit are from everywhere. The Netherlands of course, but also France, Japan, Canada…We love working together with ‘our’ artists. As they inspire us, we inspire them as well. And with success. What began ten years ago as ‘underground’, is still called the same, but has been in the spotlight more and more, certainly internationally.








The Jordaan is clustered between the four canals of Prinsengracht, Lijnbaansgracht, Passeerdersgracht and Brouwersgracht, on the west side of Amsterdam’s main ring of canals (called the grachtengordel). You can walk there from the central train station, but if you don’t feel like walking the neighborhood is easy to reach by public transportation.

History of the Jordaan

The Jordaan was built in the early 17th Century when Amsterdam’s expanding population demanded more space for the working class. During the 1600s, Amsterdam was one of the richest cities in the world. But it was to the Jordaan where refugees, emigrants and workers went to live because of the low rents. The small houses were usually crammed full with large families, and struggling artists also found their home here. The most well-known was painter Rembrandt Van Rijn, who moved to a house on the Rozengracht when he could no longer afford his house in the city center.

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