Vocalists like to talk about grounded singing,” Ms. Hall Moran said with a grin. “Trying to activate the space between the bottom of your feet and that cold surface is a bit like levitating. NYT 


Alicia Hall Moran mezzo-soprano and  multi-dimensional artist presents Breaking Ice: The Battle of the Carmens, a new vocal work for an ice skating audience, featuring Ice Theatre of New York. The piece draws on inspiration from the artist’s childhood as a figure skater, notions of cultural competition, and the historic 1988 Winter Olympics, when two leading figure skaters independently chose to skate to Bizet’s CarmenBreaking Ice takes place on a public ice skating rink and uses competitive skating as a frame for exploring the feeling of otherness and the discords of holding more than one single cultural identity.

PROTOTYPE presents its second iteration of Out of Bounds, a series of short, free performances of new works in public spaces. Out of Bounds 2018 will features the work of two composer-musicians working across diverse vocal practices: Tori Wrånes and Alicia Hall Moran. Out of Bounds 2018 is a platform for new vocal performance pieces taking place in unlikely locations throughout New York. Through the works, public sites will become temporary spaces of contact, exchange, and refreshed social dynamics.

Out of Bounds 2018 is organized by PROTOTYPE Associate Producer Raul Zbengheci. All performances will take place in New York public sites and will be free and open to the public.

Made possible by an OPERA America Innovation Grant, supported by the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation. Breaking Ice was developed through National Sawdust’s Artist in Residence program.

Breaking Ice: The Battle of the Carmens 
January 11 at 1:40pm, Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park
January 14 at 2:30pm, Denny Ferrell Riverbank State Park Skating Complex (679 Riverside Drive, New York)


PROTOTYPE – OPERA/THEATRE/NOW is an annual festival of visionary opera-theatre and music-theatre works by pioneering contemporary artists from New York City and around the world. PROTOTYPE is a co-production of Beth Morrison Projects and HERE, two leaders in the creation and presentation of contemporary, post-classical, multi-disciplinary opera-theatre and music-theatre work. The festival is the only of its kind in New York City – presenting both complete performances as well as works-in-progress through partnerships with local performing arts venues.

Historically, the marriage of music and drama has been something composers tackled further along in their careers.  Fast forward to today: serious young composers are now creating new works of opera-theatre/music-theatre, and we are in a second golden age of creation for the art form. It is poised to become the most exciting live arts medium in the 21st century, embodying a modern day notion of Wagner’s gesamtkunstwerk.

PROTOTYPE gives voice to these composers whose works would generally be categorized as “contemporary classical” or “post-classical” rather than the more commercial musical theatre idiom that is being explored by other producers in New York and elsewhere. The festival provides a recurring showcase of these visionary chamber-sized opera-theatre and music-theatre pieces that are currently flooding the New York scene and are ready to explode at the national and international levels. The festival also presents exciting new works by international artists, and hopes to be a global reference of artistic excellence in the field of opera and music-theatre.

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