Salon Art & Design RETURNS

Throckmorton Fine Arts Gallery

Our favorite design fair returned to the Park Avenue Armory last night. It was a joy to experience such wonderful displays after a long hiatus. Celebrating its 10th anniversary with nearly 50 design global galleries and a few special events. New York’s Tambaran Gallery, which features contemporary, African, Oceanic and North West Coast art, will be the first of its kind at this year’s fair. Other international highlights will include two dealers of art from Japan, a country. Carole Davenport Japanese Art focuses on a range of classic Japanese art while Onishi Gallery deals specifically in Japanese metalwork that Bokor describes as “beautiful pieces made by Japan’s living treasures,” a special designation for certain Japanese arts. In addition, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, a first-time exhibitor will be showing work by up-and-coming women artists.

Todd Merrill Studio

State of the Arts NYC attended Press Night and visited several booths. New comer to the fair is Culture Object. Talked with Damon Crain about opening during the pandemic and showcasing artists using bioplastics. Then we talksed with Renee Brown, Lead Designer for Studio Greytak with an immersive booth featuring crystals and other precious stones, metals and rock.

Maison Rapin

Peter Lane Studio

A stunning work was the Lionel Jadot’s Spin Love, a multi-use ping-pong table. Bringing together 15 of Europe’s most exceptional artisans working across the design spectrum, Lionel Jadot spearheaded this creation that involved 32 separate workshops, craftsmen working in ceramics, leather, metal, jewelry, marble, textiles and wood.

Peter Lane always produce fabulous work. The wall he has created can accomodate different shapes or lengths. And he has created new side tables that compliment wall art, lounge chairs in collaboration with new designers.

Come out this weekend to the Park Avenue Armory and enjoy a truly beautiful in-person fair with talks and designers eager to connect with the public.

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