Martín Ramírez…A Journey October 26 – December 2, 2017 Since Martín Ramírez’s work was first exhibited in 1952, he has been admired for his ability to construct a very singular visual language. His sophisticated compositions combine organic elements drawn from nature, representational conventions of topographic maps, and geometric and architectural forms with an [...]



      Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism, 1910–1950 From the start of the Mexican Revolution to the aftermath of World War II, artists and intellectuals in Mexico were at the center of a great debate about their country’s destiny. The exhibition tells the story of this exhilarating period through a remarkable range of images. [...]


    Pia Camil takes inspiration from urban and industrial forms, reinterpreting them as handmade objects that recode the artist’s relationship to the city and notions of public space. The Mexico City-based artist began by photographing her native city, particularly the billboards that compose the visual fabric of the environment. From these hand-colored photographs, she [...]


The history of photography in Latin America is rich and diverse. The work of Latin American photographers often reflects the key historical, social, political, and aesthetic forces at work in the region. A variety of people and groups brought the photographic medium to Latin America in the 19th century: foreign invaders, such as the French [...]