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Become a WBAI buddy for State of the Arts this holiday season starting December 4th. The 1st two supporters will receive either the book Gilbert & George — The Beard Pictures or the Gilbert & George — Collected Works. Other supporters will receive as a gift the audiocast of  Linda Nochlin’s groundbreaking essay Why Don’t We Have Great Women Artists read by curators, artists, performers and producers. This audiocast was produced by Savona Bailey-McClain in partnership with interns from the Digital Media Program at Hostos Community College. Interns were Adrian Rodriguez, Cesar Perez and Steven Pierrette.

Readers included: Ann Lewis, Prairie Miller, Lumi Tan, Lisa Dent, Michele Pred, Kathleen Reckling, Queen Esther, Michele Hartney, Pamela Jean Tinnen, Alessandra Mondolfi, Lina Puerta and Savona Bailey-McClain

State of the Arts NYC is keeping the arts fresh for our listeners. Gilbert & George are celebrating their 50th anniversary with their new works at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery in Chelsea. This duo has presented a large array of graphic based art and performances that speak to current times. Quite controversial, they are celebrities in the UK with a huge following. Go to and then send me an email at where I will personally send the book to you. It’s very easy to become a WBAI buddy. Minimum contribution is $10 per month for the year and it’s tax deductible.


Listen to interviews straight from Pacifica’s Archives — Hear the viewpoints of Black Panthers leaders. Learn their perspectives and then see the 50th anniversary exhibition Black Power! at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Understand the political, cultural and artistic stories behind this controversial time period through the end of December, 2017

“Hailed by the New York Times, Time Out, NYDaily News”

Special Audio & Schomburg Center Tour Package $150

Eldridge Cleaver interview
Dig it: The Black Panthers / interviewed by Bill Schechner
Commentary by Black Panthers / Kathleen Cleaver



State of the Arts NYC has curated some great audio recordings from the Pacifica Archive. Fantastic for listening on the beach or on a drive with family and/or friends. All of these recordings will be available as a premium on, Friday, July 21st. We hope you will financially support State of the Arts NYC heard on WBAI and the Pacifica Network.

Andy Warhol : a hemi-semi-happening
June 3, 1967

Cal Green of WBAI’s The Critical People talks to artist Andy Warhol about his film “Chelsea Girls”. Henry Geldzahler, associate curator of American painting and sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Paul Morrissey, film critic and director, and International Velvet and Ingrid Superstar, two of Andy Warhol’s “Factory girls”, join them in the studio. Green and guests discuss how “Chelsea Girls” is different from Warhol’s previous films and chat about other filmmakers and artists such as Jack Smith, Jean-Luc Godard, and Edward Albee. Warhol talks about his approach to filmmaking and expresses his belief that as televisions get bigger they will overtake the medium of film.


The Artist’s struggle for integrity / James Baldwin
November 29,1962

THE ARTIST STRUGGLE FOR INTEGRITY / James Baldwin. – Talk on the intellectual challenge facing the modern artist.

The Women weavers / executive producer Tarabu Betserai

May, 1989

Combination of readings and discussions with four major women writers: Judy Grahn, Notzake Shange, May Sarton, and Audre Lorde. The autors read selections of their own works, and discuss their writing, life, and art. Produced from segments originally produced by Ginny Z. Berson, Pam Scola, Helene Rosenbluth, and Penny Rosenwasser.|THE WOMEN WEAVERS / executive producer Tarabu Betserai. – SERIES: Pacifica’s 40th anniversary programs| no. 8 – This program combines readings and discussions with four major women writers: Judy Grahn, Ntozake Shange, May Sarton, and Audre Lorde. Authors read from their own works and discuss their writings, life, and thier art. This program was produced by Tarabu Betserai with segments produced by Ginny Z. Berson, 

Pam Scola, Helene Rosenbluth, and Penny Rosenwasser.

The John Coltrane Pack (2-CD Set)

17 July 2005

A 2-CD set celebrating the life and legacy of jazz pioneer John Coltrane. This set was written and produced for Pacifica Radio by Mark Torres and Maggie LePique, July 17, 2005.

CD 1: The Trane Legacy. This new documentary weaves the legacy of John Coltrane through an interview with his wife Alice Coltrane, choice tracks of Coltrane music, and cuts from a rare interview with John Coltrane himself from 1966. Coltrane is widely cited as a major influence on music, transcending divisions of music genre. Special permissions for music given by Alice Coltrane. Engineered by Oranyan Coltrane.

CD 2: An Interview with John Coltrane. The jazz musician John Coltrane, discusses his art, the meaning of music in human experience, and his particular spiritual approach with KPFK’s Frank Kofsky. This rare interview was done less than a year before his death in November 1966.

Natural sound workshop (Episode 30 of 33)
Performance by the Natural Sound Workshop, under the direction of Kirk Nurock, of experimental musical improvisations at WBAI’s Free Music Store on January 10, 1973. The pieces performed are all group performances unless otherwise indicated: “Sounds in space”; “Rhythm chant”; “Solos” with Bard Klahr and Thomas Giles; “Passing”; performer Gershon Freidlin (appearing by permission of the Sebastoon Foundation); “Alice” by Bryant Hayes (text by Lewis Carroll); “SoundsInduced and Altered;Night” by Kirk Nurock; “Untitled” by Matty O’Hare; “Un chem de la vrie” by Steve Margoshes (“Dafeldeuk” language created by Steve Margoshes); Gershon Freidlin; and “Sounds with audience.” This performance was recorded in stereo by David Rapkin and produced by Candy Cohen for WBAI’s Music Department.