Jim Hodges was born in Spokane, Washington and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Fort Wright College in 1980. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, in 1986. That year he met art collector Elaine Dannheisser who let him use a studio in the [...]


The Drawing Center presents Neo Rauch: Aus dem Boden / From the Floor, the first exhibition entirely devoted to his drawings in the United States. Neo Rauch is one of the best-known artists from the Leipzig school in Germany. His psychologically complex paintings have been widely collected and written about for more than twenty years. Featuring [...]


      Edwynn Houk Gallery presents This Empty World (2018), a new series by contemporary artist Nick Brandt. The artist’s first body of work in color, This Empty World is a blazoning exploration of the vulnerability of animals and humans in an era of environmental degradation. This exhibition marks the series’ U.S. debut. Brandt’s vision communicates the [...]

INTERNATIONAL SPOTLIGHT — Hans Op de Beeck: The Conversation

In ‘The Conversation’ Hans Op de Beeck’s 5th solo exhibition at Galerie Krinzinger, the artist brings together new sculpted characters, which evince a great sense of recognizability and everydayness in their pose and appearance. Hans Op de Beeck started to sculpt the human figure a few years ago, in addition to creating large and immersive [...]

VIETNAMESE CERAMICS — John R. Menke Collection

The history of Vietnamese ceramic traditions reflects the complex history of Vietnam itself. Early on, during a millennium of rule by China, northern Vietnamese potters learned from China’s ceramic technology even as the region incorporated aspects of Chinese culture. With the independent dynasties of Ly (1009–1225) and Tran (1225–1400), experimentation with new forms and approaches [...]


Julia Ibbini is a digital and mixed media artist based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. She is of dual-nationality (Jordanian-British) but has spent most of her life in the UAE. Her work combines contemporary digital design and traditional craftsmanship with extreme intricacy to create pieces that articulate themes of identity, place and [...]

ZOBOP (Viridescent) Permanent installation at Anton Kern Gallery

  James Lambie (born 1964 in Glasgow, Scotland) is a contemporary visual artist, and was shortlisted for the 2005 Turner Prize with an installation called Mental Oyster. Jim Lambie graduated from the Glasgow School of Art (1990-1994) with a 2:1 Honors Bachelor of Arts degree. He lives and works in Glasgow, and also operates as a [...]


Fritz Ascher (1893–1970) belongs to Germany’s “Lost Generation”—artists whose careers were interrupted or destroyed by the Nazi terror regime and whose works remain under-recognized. Comprising some 75 paintings and works on paper, Fritz Ascher: Expressionist is the first American solo retrospective to showcase this artist’s bold, colorful oeuvre, which features early academic studies and figural compositions [...]

TOMIMOTO KENKICHI at Joan B Mirviss Gallery

Remarkably, despite the popularity of modern Japanese ceramics in the West, Tomimoto Kenkichi is relatively unknown. In Japan, however, he is revered as the father of the field. Without him, Japan would not be in the preeminent position as champion of contemporary clay art that it is today. This exhibition along with the publication, Vessel [...]


  The Bronx Museum of the Arts is pleased to present , on view from March 27, 2019 through September 1, 2019. The group show will feature works by artists Jairo Alfonso, Wim Delvoye, Juan Downey, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Algis Griškevičius, Shih Chieh Huang, José Iraola, William Kentridge, Chico MacMurtrie, Stefana McClure, Arnaldo [...]