Founded by art dealers in 1988 and run as a non-profit foundation, TEFAF has a proud history of showcasing masterpieces in every category of art and design – from antiques, Old Masters and Haute Joaillerie to contemporary painting, works on paper and 20th century design. TEFAF Maastricht 2017 featured 275 of the world’s top galleries and welcomed 71,000 visitors from more than 60 countries.

TEFAF is unrivalled in the rigor with which it checks the quality, authenticity and condition of the works of art on sale at its fairs. Using the latest technical equipment, its vetting committee scrutinizes every item to be presented, so buyers can feel entirely confident that any object offered to them at TEFAF has passed through the hands and under the eyes of leading international experts.







Prior to each fair and without the dealers being present, TEFAF vetting experts study each artwork in detail, review provenance research and verify attribution. To do so, they have access to the most sophisticated technical equipment, including Hirox digital microscopes, UV and infrared reflectography, direct digital radiography, and x-ray fluorescence portable spectrometers. The vetting members use all of these tools in tandem with their own personal expertise and extensive experience.







TEFAF champions the finest art from across the ages. It brings together a network of top international dealers, who – through a combination of expertise and accessibility – inspire lovers of art from around the world. In addition to its annual TEFAF Maastricht fair in March at MECC (Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Center) in The Netherlands, TEFAF has expanded to the United States from October 2016. It presents two new fairs TEFAF New York Falland TEFAF New York Spring, held in October and May respectiveley in the heart of today’s art world, New York City.

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