This past weekend, Greenpoint Brooklyn was home to two art fairs just blocks away from each other — Moniker Art Fair in the events space at 73 West Street along the river and The Other Art Fair at the Brooklyn Expo Center. What made The Other Art Fair different was artists were representing themselves and not galleries. There were 130 artists from the US and around the world. State of the Arts NYC was impressed with eleven individual artists and one artistic team. A number of these artists had great stories to share. Others were presenting very beautiful techniques or they were pushing some surreal boundaries. State of the Arts NYC liked the mix of emerging artists coming straight out of art school and mature artists whose life experience added richness to the fair.

Our picks were Victoria Dale, Jonas Vaida, Jeff Davis, Bryan Valenzuela, Matthew Lafferty, Kristin Hart, Laurie M. Goddard, Kal Mansur, Marcel Ceuppens, C.C. Cerwinski and the neon team Dana Caputo, Kate Hush and Valerie Shusterov.   









Hear the talk on buying art —

How to buy art for under $1,000 dollars with Rebecca Wilson from Saatchi Art

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